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Archive for March 31, 2014

Three Lasting Website Design Trends for 2014

Written by admin on . Posted in Mobile e-commerce, Web development company new york, Website support

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Great web design counts more for 2014 than it ever did before. Companies are facing an increasing amount of pressure to not only be online, but to have a real and responsive presence there for customers searching for them. One study of Fortune 500 companies found that these websites were 63% more likely to have sites that rated as “high quality” in comparison to the average website. eCommerce sales are reaching new highs with global sales now in the billions. How can your website stay relevant? Here are three web design trends that are sure to have lasting impact.

1. Simplicity

It might seem silly to label simplicity as a new trend, but in truth, it’s a concept on which an incredibly large number of websites experience a disconnect. Simplicity doesn’t mean “plain” or unpr