When you’re struggling to manage your SQL server’s performance, it may be time to revisit the drawing board for ideas of what you can do to make it easier. According to the video listed here, SQL server performance management can be improved if you’re willing to learn about how to positively impact the server’s performance. Customizing tables and columns can make your SQL server work for you rather than against you.

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If you’re not sure how to do that, you can either call the Microsoft tech support team or you can attempt to do it on your own with some guidance from the appropriate resources.

A term that you should learn to make your data organization more effective is “sargable.” This stands for “Search Argument Able” and it matters for those who operate SQL servers. It applies to queries that are able to efficiently use indexes to increase the speed of the execution process. Without sargable queries, you can’t make the data process more efficient. Some queries stop the server from doing its job by excluding key information in the data search or including terms that are not able to be searched quickly. If you notice that your SQL server takes a long time to search data, the tips above may help you improve server management.