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If you’re planning a big event, you can’t just expect people to show up. Sure, you can send out invitations, but if you really want to increase the headcount, you need to publicize your event. Any event promotion companies will tell you that one of the best event promotion ideas is to promote your event is on social media, and they are right. Here are some social media event promotion tips for you to use for your next event.

  1. Create a video people will share – One of the best methods of online event promotion is to create a video people will want to share on social media. Make it interesting, and tell your viewers what your event has to offer.
  2. Give away tickets to create buzz – Event promotion companies use this sneaky method to build excitement for events. Everyone likes winning, and the very fact that there is a ticket contest makes it seem like a much more exclusive and exciting event.
  3. Promote your event speakers – The main reason many people attend events like this is the see and possibly meet the guest speaker(s). Why not promote their appearance ahead of time, whether it’s an interview, or having them contribute to a discussion on your website. Building interest in a speaker ahead of time through social media will build more interest, and have more people attending your event to hear the speaker.
  4. Get attendees involved –A great way to get people excited about the event is to have attendees tweet about it, or put it on Facebook. Have a button on your registration page for attendees to tell their friends on Twitter or Facebook that they’re attending.
  5. Create a Facebook event page – Creating a Facebook event page makes it easy for attendees to share your event on Facebook. A Facebook event page is also a great forum to answer questions and share tantalizing details about the event. Encourage attendees to visit the Facebook event page to see who else it attending the event.

If your online marketing plan does not make use of social media, you are doing your organization and your event a great disservice. There is no more effective way of getting the word out than through social media, and event promotion companies know the very best way to do this. Read this for more.