Digital advertising agencies

Marketing and advertising campaigns have come a long way in recent years (thanks to the rapid rise of things like wireless technology, mobile devices, and social media websites) — and nearly everyone has their own idea of what makes up an effective advertising and marketing plan for internet users. But take a look at the numbers below; they might just change the way you think about online advertising and marketing.

1742: The year that the first American magazine advertisement appeared. It showed up in Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine and it was clearly pretty successful — up until quite recently, magazine and newspaper advertisements were incredibly influential. These days, effective advertising strategies look a little bit different — nearly every effective advertising plan involves a lot of internet marketing and advertising.

500%: The average increase in web traffic on a business’s website when it posts blogs at least 15 times per month, compared to the web traffic it would receive by posting fewer than 15 blog posts.

2,000: The average word count of every website page that ranks in the top 10 search results in a Google search for any given keyword. Of course, it’s important to remember that word count isn’t everything — quality content that website visitors want to read is incredibly important, and other types of media (like pictures and videos) tend to be viewed and shared more often than pages that only have written content.

$44.25: The average return in value that is produced for every $1 spent on online marketing plans that include email marketing strategies– but only if the plans are crafted with attention to a business’s target audience, and only if the most relevant information is included.

3 seconds: The maximum time, on average, that any given webpage should take to load. The majority of internet users state that they’ll just leave a website if its pages take much longer than three seconds to load. This highlights the importance of effective website designs — because if visitors don’t stay long enough to see the content on your website, then there’s no way to create an effective advertising strategy geared toward internet users.

With this information in mind, now it’s your turn — what factors do you think contribute most to an effective advertising and marketing strategy? Helpful sites.