Conversion rate optimization agency

The industry of B2B transactions has been around for quite some time (even if there wasn’t a catchy phrase referring to transactions between two businesses), but — for better or worse — the internet has really changed the industry in terms of marketing, reaching buyers, and edging out the competition.

In an April 2015 article, Business 2 Community states that B2B buyers now conduct research on anywhere from 60% to 90% of products before even contacting the vendor about a possible sale — meaning that a huge portion of sales are influenced by factors that seem to be out of the vendor’s control. Perhaps the vendor has a great sales team that can convince any potential client to purchase a product or service, but unless that information and enthusiasm is presented to potential buyers before any contact is made with the vendor, that sales team will no longer seem quite so helpful.

This is where B2B and online marketing come together, and the strategies used by B2B online marketing companies aim to provide as much info as possible before the buyer and seller even discuss the details of a product or service. Many businesses find that outsourcing their marketing and advertising to a specialized B2B internet marketing agency is the best way to go about creating successful B2B lead generation campaigns, benefiting from website conversion optimization services, and figuring out what content should be presented to certain audiences.

The nature of B2B online marketing can be incredibly frustrating for businesses because they no longer have the same amount of control over sharing information and creating strong relationships with both potential and current clients — but that’s no reason to ignore B2B marketing altogether. With a little bit of help from a professional and experienced B2B internet marketing agency, any business in any industry can find success online.