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Did you know that on average, companies are attacked by hackers and other security breachers close to 17,000 times per year? Of these attacks, many times hackers are successful in securing confidential or sensitive information about companies, their workers, and their transactions. In fact, in 2013, over half of all companies had experienced some sort of data breach from intruders.

Keeping your company’s pertinent information secure and safe is a high priority, and the best way to ensure safety is by installing a strong security system. High quality security systems can keep hackers out, helping your network management systems remain safe and private from prying eyes. If you don’t already have a strong security system, here are a few reasons why you should contact IT business services offering security options:

Troubles With Cloud Technology
Many companies are turning to cloud technology to help store shared files, backup documents, and to maintain their overall daily business. It offers companies great space limits, without taking up room on their hard drives. With 25% of companies claiming they would move storage to the cloud (if only able to pick one area to move), that opens up new avenues for hackers to attack, since cloud storage is often public. Investing in a high quality security system is the best way to prevent unwanted attacks like these.

Lost Work Property
Did you know that over 12,000 laptops are lost in U.S. airports every single week? Many of these laptops are work computers, or house classified work information. The best way to ensure your data remains locked away, even if a laptop is stolen or lost, is to buy a protective security system for all of your work programs and devices.

Network Security Issues
Of course, ensuring your company’s network is secure is another major issue many companies struggle with. Technology only keeps advancing, and with every new advance comes the risk of losing data or obtaining new ways to break through network firewalls. Security systems can help, blocking out your data when hackers try to collect.

Keeping your company’s information safe is crucial for not only your business’s overall success, but for the confidentiality of your employees. Investing in a top security system is the best way to avoid getting hacked.