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In our digital world it is sometimes easy to forget that some things are just better in print. When we have calendars on our phones, our laptops and our tablets that we can use to link and share events between family members, it is sometimes easy to forget that the one paper calendar hanging on the wall by the garage door is the REAL family schedule. But studies show that even in our digital age, print materials still matter. And if you are the marketing staff member in charge of the last minute brochures that you want to hand out at your trade show booth, you will likely still be making use of 24 hour rush printing services.

It will come as no surprise to people in the advertising industry that 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print and digital communication. While digital communication can be immediate and broad, it does not always have the staying power that a printed publication has. In fact, 84% of Americans retain a company’s name when they receive promotional gifts that contain a company’s logo. It’s nice to know that the 24 hour rush printing of the new set of business cards and table top displays serve a purpose!

When your company is making its next marketing budget, it is important to remember that 73% of U.S. consumers and 67% of Canadian consumers say they prefer direct mail for brand communications because they can take the opportunity to read the information at their convenience. Additionally, 62% of Americans and 63% of Canadians said they enjoy checking the mailbox for postal mail. Who knew that in this day of tweets, emails and snapchats, people still enjoy their daily walk to the mailbox? In fact, once the mail is brought into the home, 80% of people say they will sort the mail immediately while 18% will sort it later that day. In either case, someone is touching and looking at your company logo if it arrives in a traditional mailbox.

A 24 hour rush printing
job may no longer be a daily occurrence in most marketing plans, but print materials are not gong away any time soon. In order to attract customers and encourage their patronage, smart advertising teams will continue to use both print and digital materials. Whether you are trying to advertise a Ladies Night Out shopping event at your small corner boutique, or you are wanting to attract all school age children to your bowling center, a mix of digital advertising and paper materials will provide you the most success.