Logo wrapping paper

It’s virtually impossible to spend anytime on the internet without being bombarded by popup ads at every turn. Advertisements are even frustrating when watching television and it cuts to three or four straight minutes of commercials after every 15 minutes of your favorite show. While these can be effective in attracting some consumers, they would attract more if their ads were less invasive.

So what forms of marketing can be effective in gaining consumer exposure without getting on their nerves? Even though we have become more surrounded by digital ads in recent years, there are still prominent physical advertisements being used. Digital and offset printing can come in multiple forms and here are just a few advantages they have over completely digital advertisements:

  1. Unique: While you may be accustomed to billboards and flyers, there are still innovative methods being used for print advertising. Vehicle wraps that print advertisements on the outside of cars and other automobiles in particular have proven to be very effective in gaining consumer attention.

    In fact, 48% of consumers polled, said that they view car wraps as the most unique ad medium currently available. As an added bonus, you can reach many viewers just by driving around as you usually would from day-to-day.
  2. Cost-effective: It’s often very expensive to post advertisements on a digital medium. Both paying for a television spot or buying ad space on Google search results can rack up serious costs overtime. However, outdoor digital and offset printing ads cost on average 80% less than television ads, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio advertisements.
  3. Less intrusive: People naturally do not like being told what to do. But when surfing the internet, popup ads can interrupt what they’re doing which can be infuriating after a while. Physical advertising on the other hand is simply open for their viewing. If it catches their eye, they can view for as short or as long as they want. Consumers appreciate the respect of not invading their personal lives to promote a product or service.

Marketing is an essential part of practically any business. And while digital and offset printing has its advantages, having multiple strategies in place is often the most effective. Around 76% of small business say their ideal marketing strategy includes a combination of both print and digital communications. Show your consumers that you respect them without throwing your advertisements in their face.