Sip trunking

Cloud communications is literally defined as, Internet-based voice and data communications where telecommunications applications, switching, and storage are hosted by a third-party outside of the organization using them. Typically, companies go through cloud brokerage services, or some kind of cloud consultants to help them find the cloud communications that will fit them the best.

As technology and the world’s dependency on it continues to grow and evolve, it is estimated that the global market for cloud equipment will reach $79.1 billion by the year 2018. Here are three factors that can be attributed to this projection and reasons why every business or government entity should consider investing in outside cloud communications today.

  1. Cost-Effective: The number one priority of most businesses is to make a profit. Cloud services brokers can find the exact cloud communications provider needed to deliver voice and data communications applications and services, and host them on their own servers. This is a much more cost-effective option than traditional Private branch exchanges (PBX) or hosting the servers themselves. In fact, the government plans to reduce its data center infrastructure expenditure by approximately 30% by using the cloud computing model for IT services.
  2. Convenience: Along the same lines as saving money is the benefit of saving time and unnecessary stress. Handling these type of cloud services can be a confusing and complicated process. There’s no reason to try and become an expert in another industry when you should be focusing on whatever your company or organization needs to do to be successful. On a more practical level, 59% of large enterprises use cloud storage because it improves integration between development and operations.
  3. Expert Assistance: A survey of cloud services customers found reliability (43%) as the most important metric for cloud service providers, far ahead of cost (28%), and ability to integrate with existing infrastructure (27%). Peace of mind is something you have a lot more of when you have a professional company that deals exclusively with these sort of cloud communications behind you. If anything goes wrong you know you have experts to rely on for assistance.

Research has found about 35% of IT services today are delivered totally, or partially, by cloud technologies. As we move forward these cloud service will only become more important and valuable. It’s important to get familiar with and accustomed to them now so you can better and more easily utilize them in the future.