Mental health software

Are you a behavior health or mental health therapist looking to make the billing in your practice more efficient? Perhaps you are just now breaking out into your own practice and want to understand what is out there for your industry. If so you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few helpful items to keep in mind when evaluating a new type of billing software:

1. Data Breach Protection – As a health care professional you know better than anyone the importance of confidentiality. Having a data breach at your practice could be detrimental to your patients and you. In fact, the 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report produced by Verizon showed that within healthcare, nearly 10% of all breaches involved point-of-sale and billing systems. With the new enhancements to behavioral health billing software you can be confident that you will be safe from those types of breaches.

2. Payment Arrangement Capability – Another reason that thousands of therapists just like you are choosing to replace or upgrade their billing software is to accommodate the payment requests of their patients. In 2012, nearly 90% of mental health care providers said they offered payment arrangements to their patients. Often times, however, creating those payment plans in the various types of therapist billing software can be lengthy, confusing, and finicky. When you are evaluating new types of billing software for your practice be sure and ask for a demonstration of a user creating a payment plan for a patient. Your employees will be grateful that you did!

3. Cost Saving – Technology has played a major role in the health care industry throughout the last century, but it isn’t just with new machines an surgical techniques. In fact, the advancements in health care billing software technology can save a physician nearly $10,000 dollars a year. This is simply done by reducing the amount of paperwork, errors, and overall staff requirements of paper claim submissions. If you are ready to move your practice to a paperless environment then consider new billing software.

Whether you have owned your own mental or behavioral health practice for decades or are just starting fresh, your goal is always to provide the best care that you can for your patients. Part of that care involves making sure their visit to your office is an efficient one. Billing software can allow you to increase your efficiency, lower your costs, and give more payment options to your patients. What’s not to love?