Digital printing company

What do you do with the mail that gets delivered to your house? That mail that you carry in your house and throw on the kitchen island may be the result of a commercial printing marketing plan by a local or a national company. In fact, just getting the mail in the door is the goal of many process presented by a digital printing company.
Did you know, for example, that once mail is brought into a home research indicates that 80% will sort the mail immediately? Another 18% will sort through the mail later in the day. Added together, this means that 98% of recipients will look through the mail if it can at least get into the house. The reason for wanting this mail to be at least looked is that studies indicate that consumers often remember what they see. More specifically, as many as 84% of Americans retain a company’s name if they receive promotional gifts with that company’s logo on it.
Even in an age of internet, websites, and social media, a digital printing company still has much to offer. An offset printing service, for example, can help companies provide the family calendars that many consumers will keep in the house all year long. Some families, for instance do not take down one family calendar provided by a local insurance agent until the new calendar for the new year arrives in the mail.
consider all of the ways a digital printing company could help you connect with customers:

  • Business cards. Even in this digital age, a business card is still a necessity. In fact, 27,397,260 business cards are printed every day.
  • Reminder cards. Many businesses, from dentists and doctors to piano tuners and lawn aerating companies, make use of the practice of mailing reminder cards, Unlike an email that can be easily forgotten, a physical reminder card can be taped to the back door or the refrigerator.
  • Brochures. Used as a summary of all of the services a company offers, a professionally printed brochure can help also customers remember the products they offer as well.
  • Posters. Combining strong photographic images with inspirational or informational quotes, posters of all sizes can also remind future clients of your company name, address, email, website and phone number.

Do You Still Like Going to the Mailbox?
Studies indicate that most Americans and Canadians still enjoy the daily trip to the mailbox. For instance, consider the following statistics:

  • 73% of U.S. consumers prefer direct mail for brand communications so that they can read the information at their own convenience.
  • 67% of Canadian consumers prefer direct mail for brand communications so that they can read the information at their own convenience.
  • 62% of U.S. consumers enjoy checking their mailbox for postal deliveries.
  • 63% of Canadians consumers enjoy checking their mailbox for postal deliveries.

You do not have to be an eight year old waiting for birthday cards to be excited about going to the mailbox. As high school seniors await announcements and decisions from their college applications, the smartest marketing teams continue to distribute printed materials that are mixed in with both college acceptance letters and eight year old birthday cards. Produced by a professional digital printing company, business cards, calendars, reminder cards, brochures, and posters give future consumers a tangible reminder of advertised goods and services.