So you have a strong webpage that you spend hours and hours of time on. You even consulted with a web design professional to ensure that your webpage was easy to navigate and provided all of the necessary information and safety precautions. You are proud with the end result, and you are ready to begin selling and promoting your webpage. How do you get people to visit your webpage? How do you continue getting traffic once you have promoted your page to all of your contacts? How do you ensure that your customers, who do visit your page, will continue to visit it regularly, offering you repeat business?

Website traffic is a very complex process. In fact, it is much more complex than many even realize. When you perform a search for something, you are faced with hundreds of options. The first page or two of options are likely larger companies that you have already heard of. Some of them may be companies that offer exactly what you searched for, but the question becomes, how does your webpage end up on the same search result page of someone who already has thousands of customers and webpage hits?

A consultant is a great resource for webpage traffic information. Because there is so much involved with increasing internet traffic to a webpage, a consultant is someone who is familiar with all of the methods available to do this. A few of the things that a consultant or a webpage manager may suggest are SEO, or search engine optimization, PPC, or pay per click advertising, or social media advertising. Each of these methods will greatly increase website traffic, if they are conducted properly. Also, inbound calls cost less to the business. Inbound leads cost 61% lower than outbound leads. An example of an inbound lead might be from search engine optimization. An outbound lead might be from a cold call.

For example, SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads, such as direct mail or print advertising, have a 1.7% close rate. People are more active in becoming a customer when they are the one to locate the company, rather than when they are contacted about it. SEO ads are another great way to achieve additional business. PPC, or pay per click advertising is utilizing large companies like Google or Yahoo to gain customers. PPC consultants are also familiar with this type of marketing, and are a great resource for this.

Social media is also a great way to reach customers. A large percentage of people are on social media for hours per day, and many are even choosing businesses based on social media. 63% of millennials say that they stay updated on brands through social networks, 51% say social opinions influence their purchase decisions, and 46% count on social media when buying online. A consultant will reveal that a social media presence is extremely important to any successful business.

A great website for a business is not enough if that business does not get any internet traffic to its page. They must also work on ways to increase potential customers to their webpage. A consultant is someone who is a professional in doing this, and will suggest ways such as social media, search engine optimization and even pay per click advertising. These are all great ways of increasing website traffic, thus increasing potential customers.