Managed it services

In this day and age, few companies exist and run successful without at least some degree of reliance on the Internet. The Internet, after all, provides companies with many different advantages — as does computer technology in general, with or without the web. Innovations like the cloud allow us to store valuable information and keep it saved, accessing it whenever we need. The web and telecommunications connected to it allow companies to contact clients globally, and remain ready to help whenever necessary. Many companies maintain positive relationships with customers through the web, allowing them to build up the reputations they need to succeed in the business world. But they can’t do it alone. As much as we need technology — you simply can’t be competitive without being connected — and as many benefits as it offers, there are certain disadvantages that come with it. But businesses can’t let these disadvantages stop them from staying connected — and they don’t have to, thanks to the existence of managed IT services. IT consulting companies allow clients to continue their work without worrying about web or general technology issues. If they do occur, managed IT services are on hand to solve them. For that matter, they can in general help clients approach technology in safer and more efficient ways. Below are some of the top ways in which managed IT services can help clients.

1. Increased Security

Security is something all companies need to be concerned about — and frankly, cyber security in general is becoming a huge issue for everyone. Businesses in particular need to be concerned because the technology used by businesses, whether that means computers or tablets, usually stores sensitive information, be it financial or personal. Companies often have the personal information of employees stored — and in some cases, clients. If this information is hacked or stolen in some way, this can spell disaster for the company. Whether or not the leak was the company’s fault, it can be held responsible, and can face legal action and certainly a decline in business. It’s estimated that 27% of Americans have had their credit card information stolen, with 11% reporting that their computers and smartphones have been hacked within the past year. Each year, there are 80 to 90 million plus cyber security events, with close to 400 threats per year. It’s believed that up to 70% of attacks go undetected. Managed IT services can help companies strengthen their security, and for that matter understand what they’re doing to make their companies less secure than they should be.

2. Smoother Operations

If company computers are running slowly, this could be due to a software or hardware issue; or perhaps the computers are simply old. Often, when computers aren’t performing up to par they are thrown away and replaced. This means a lot of money is being spent — perhaps unnecessarily. Before throwing technology out, companies can have it looked at by IT services. Often, slow or rocky operations could simply be the result of technological space not be capitalized upon properly. Something as simple as deleting unnecessary programs can free up a lot of space. Often, downloads are not deleted once they are no longer necessary — IT professionals can help you identify what is necessary and what really isn’t when it comes to running operations. And of course, this ultimately comes back to something many people don’t understand to this day — the cloud.

3. Understanding The Cloud

The cloud is the way of the future, but using it improperly can be disastrous. Therefore, it’s highly advisable that you have an IT expert help your company understand the cloud. Once a company is able to utilize the cloud, it can often abandon old technology rendered obsolete by the cloud — after all, 14% of companies downsized IT operations after moving to the cloud, and 80% saw improvements within months of moving to the cloud. But in order to use it properly, you should take advantage of IT services.