Hdmi highspeed cables

There are few things more frustrating than a slow Internet connection. In order to speed up your connection and not have to deal with slow screens, follow these quick and simple tips.

1. Check your plan

This may seem obvious, but not many clients know that there are different Internet speed plans they can purchase. If you are consistently reporting a slow connection, contact your provider as you may need to update your plan to fit your needs.

2. Reset your computer

Sometimes, there is just simply a faulty connection due to an overworked processing system. Try restarting your monitor and computer fully, and if the connection is fixed then you have found the solution. However, if the connection is only bad on one piece of equipment, your hardware can be to blame.

3. Use cat5 and cat6 cables instead

These fiber optic cables are usb cables that attach directly to the home’s Internet connection. Investing in these lightning cables can offer you a higher speed connection without worrying about the WiFi going in and out. Every home is likely to have a connection that can be easily connected to via fiber optic cables, but call your nearest cable company if you have any questions.

4. Turn off all apps

While apps can be fun to play with, they can be taking up all of your connection while running in the background of your computer or smartphone. If this is a reoccurring problem, you can always install software that will automatically block these apps before they happen. This also includes closing all tabs– the less RAM you have on your computer, the better.

5. Choose a different browser

Sometimes, you browsers just aren’t working for you. If that is the case, switch over to another one as new technology and enhanced webpages can work for you better under a new source. Some options to choose from include Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

6. Allow some cookies

Cookies will save information from previous searches in order to help your current query go by faster. They can be completely harmless, and most often than not will help a webpage load faster because the information is already stored.

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