Cell phone repair tucson

Think back to time before your smartphone. What about time before any type of cell phones? It might be too difficult to even remember how you did the simplest of tasks. Checking the weather required you to be at a desktop computer or near a TV where you would then have to watch and wait for the weather forecast. Getting directions before you took a trip required you to head to MapQuest to print thorough directions. If you were lucky, you had a personal GPS you used in your car that helped you out when you were lost. You had to carry an agenda, a calendar, a calculator, a camera, etc. just to name a few of the services smartphones provide.

Life before smartphones may seem like forever ago, but it?s only been a decade since they were released in 2007. In that time, 1.4 billion have been sold. 198.5 million Americans own a smartphone as of January 2016. Despite our reliance on smartphones and our eagerness to have the newest model, it can be surprisingly difficult to take proper care of your smartphone.

Have you ever needed a cell phone repair? What is a cell phone screen repair or other types of cell phone repair services needed? It?s not a rarity to need cell phone repair services when you own a smartphone. In fact, $10.7 billion has been spent on repairing and replacing iPhones alone since 2007 when they hit the market. 40 percent of people with cracked screens couldn?t use their phone as they would have otherwise. They struggled with reading their screen and using the keyboard to send messages or search. With 52 percent of smartphone owners using their phone multiple times most hours of the day, not being able to use your phone and needing cell phone repair services that often isn?t practical.

So, how do we get into the situation where we need cell phone repair services if we depend on our smartphones so much? The answer is likely that the proper protective measures aren?t taken with our smartphones. Whether it?s cell phone screen repair that?s needed or something internally wrong with your smartphone, there?s plenty that can be done to prevent needing cell phone repair services for your smartphone.

1. Use a smartphone case

Immediately after purchasing your smartphone, put a case on it. Whether you purchase one beforehand online or you buy one at the cell phone store, you shouldn?t use your smartphone without a case. The risk is too high for damage without a cell phone case. If you drop your phone with a case, it might need repair. If you drop your phone without a case, it will definitely need cell phone repair services.

2. Use a smartphone screen protector

Even if you have a case, a screen protector gives you extra room for accidents. If you have a case that covers the entire smartphone, a screen protector may not be a necessity. Most cases do not cover the actual screen of the smartphone, though. If you drop your phone, the protector will take the hit rather than the screen of your phone. You?ll prevent the need for a repair right away.

3. Don?t take your smartphone everywhere

Even if you use your phone every hour of every day, you don?t need to take it with you absolutely everywhere. The bathroom is one place you don?t need to bring your cell phone. Dropping your cell phone in the toilet is completely avoidable. Even the gym can be a dangerous location for your smartphone. Always proceed with caution if you take your smartphone to places where it can easily be damaged.

If you happen to need cell phone repair services, don?t wait to get your phone fixed. You paid money for your smartphone, and should be able to use it at full capacity all of the time. Do some research, and find the best place for cell phone repair where you live. Have you ever needed any cell phone repair? Let us know how you found the best place to take your smartphone!