Cable internet providers

What is good business internet? Put simply: it’s just faster. Your brand has everything from social media to the cloud to manage on a regular basis. When your internet is up to speed (literally) it can kill your productivity, lay to waste your tight schedule and leave you scrambling to pick up the slack. With a new change in town showing everyone just how fast the internet can get for businesses large and small, there’s no excuse not to reach out and take the options offered to you. Before you meet with your cable internet provider take a look at the list below to learn about the nature of fiber optic cables and why everyone is considering it the next great step for business internet.

It’s A Revolutionary New Way Of Creating Fast Internet

What makes fiber optic cables so fast, anyway? It’s all in the materials. Unlike traditional cables that use electrical impulses to create the speed we often take for granted, fiber optic cables are made up of strands of glass that carry data through the use of light. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an entirely new technique, either. While fiber optic cables have only begun to be use in the mainstream, its materials have been in consistent usage for over 100 years now. Even more estimates are guessing this could be more common in additional applications as time goes on.

Better Internet Options Help You Manage Everything On Your Plate

Does your business prefer to use the cloud to help with employee connectivity? How about social media to reach out to consumers and create a more organic and authentic business relationship? Your internet should reflect all the different tasks you need to pull in on a given day. Global internet penetration has surpassed an impressive 50% as of recent years and this figure isn’t dropping any time soon. This means keeping up with the times and making the switch before you fall behind.

Everyone, From Business To Consumer, Is Using It Nowadays

There are an estimated 288 million internet users in the United States as we speak. There are around four billion global internet users as of this year. How many of them use fiber optic cables? Studies have shown the number of people living in households that use fiber optic internet has doubled between spring of 2014 and spring of 2016, an impressive 24 million that continues to mount by the day. With figures like these, it’s not hard to put two and two together. Fiber optic cable technology is just the way of the future.

It’s Time To Make The Switch To Faster, Better Business Internet

Fiber optic internet is the new gold standard in internet technology. According to data provided by the FCC, fiber optic internet connections offer an impressive 117% of the advertised speed during peak times, that of which is considered far greater than DSL and cable combined. Fiber optic internet gives you faster access to both the data and applications used in the cloud, makes long-distance communicating a breeze and ensures you are able to install updates faster than ever before. When you start wondering how you can bolster your business internet, look no further than fiber services.