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If you’re trying to give your business a boost and want to find a smart way to do it, you might want to consider hiring a marketing agency that can offer SEO service packages. SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the process of getting traffic from organic sources and driving it to a business’ site. By using SEO properly, agencies can help businesses get their website to the top of search engine page. For example, when someone googles the phrase, “cheap travel tickets,” your site can land on the first page of the Google search results. The closer your page is to the top, the more traffic your business will get, and the more likely consumers are to trust your site and product or service.

A great marketing agency can help with many aspects of SEO and other methods of driving traffic to your business’ site. Here are three reasons why you’ll want to look into some great SEO service packages.

1. They know the ins and out of social media

While you might have a great product or service to offer consumers, marketing might not be your strongest suit. Social media especially can be a whole new ball game for many people, especially when it comes to using it for a business! However, choosing a marketing agency that has people dedicated to social media and recognizing patterns and learning techniques that they can apply yo your business is a better option than trying to learn it yourself. This team of dedicated individuals can help you use popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to gain organic traffic to your site, and help them learn about your product or service. 41 percent of local businesses rely on social media networks to help them get more traffic, consumers, and revenue. In 2016, it was reported that 57 percent of consumers were more likely to think highly of a business if they ready several positive reactions to the company on the internet. That means scoring some great feedback and comments on sites like Yelp, Facebook, and on apps like Instagram.

2. SEO can help you climb to the top

SEO service packages can help you climb to the top of a search engine results page, just by knowing how to use organic traffic. This is a very particular skill to have, and many business owners might not know how to tackle it, but marketing agencies can offer SEO service packages to help you with traffic. Hiring a team that knows how to use SEO properly can help your business gain more traffic and revenue without having to invest in paid advertising like banner ads on big sites or through paid Facebook advertising. Instead, SEO is a way to optimize the content on your site in order to drive more free, organic traffic. This will put you on top and raise your revenue and monthly visitors to your site. According to a study by Outbrain, search engines drive the most traffic to content sites, making it 300 percent more likely to drive traffic than social media.

3. They can help you create a great website

Web sites are more important to your business than you think, and especially when it comes to sites designed specifically for mobile devices. In fact, devices like mobile phones and tablets make up about 52 percent of paid search clicks. Mobile devices and sites are more important to driving traffic to your business’ site than many people will think, and having a great site for both desktop and mobile is essential for driving traffic and revenue. The better designed your site is, the more people will have a favorable view of your company and its service or product. Choosing to hire a marketing agency can help your website development for your business, and have you start raking in more money!

If your business really needs a boost when it comes to online traffic, have no fear! A marketing agency that can offer web development and SEO service packages would be a great investment for you. Once you see the numbers coming in per month, with an increased amount of traffic and revenue, you’ll understand why SEO is so important!