To maximize revenue, printed circuit board assembly services should be carried out with high standards for efficiency and precision. There are many important aspects of small batch PCB assembly, particularly in regards to its design and accuracy. Today, its possible to use printed circuit board design software to assist in these services. However, before this software existed, printed circuit boards were designed and created with clear Mylar sheets. Designers would create a transparent photomask of the design on a sheet that was about four times larger than the circuit board itself.

Today, we thankfully have tools that help to improve quick turn PCB assembly. For example, automatic lines can improve the efficiency and quality of printed circuit boards. This allows the process to be a little more automated and, therefore, eliminate errors commonly associated with hand operators. In fact, one automatic line can place and solder far more components than hand operators. Plus, the machine will certainly accomplish the task more consistently, and with higher quality.

When it comes to small batch PCB assembly, the use of machine operations often lead to greatly increased efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced costs. Service providers can use these machines to assemble PCBs in less time than hand placement would require. Those providers that use such machines tend to to be three quarters faster than the industry average.

As an example, imagine some of the tools used by these machines. A solder paste applier, a high-speed chip shooter, a pick-and-place machine, and an infrared oven. All of these are tools essential in improving the efficiency of PCB assembly. Now imagine these tools placing and soldering about 50,000 parts per hour. A single pair of hands would never be able to move that fast! With machines and software to accomplish this, companies can easily reduce costs.

It’s important to also remember some other important aspects to PCB assembly services. While increasing efficiency and reducing costs are great, service providers must also consider other important aspects to the service. First, it is important to always stay loyal to the design, for instance. By staying loyal to the design, the risk of making mistakes greatly reduces. It is also vitally important to check the function of the PCB upon its completion. Double check that there are no loose connections and, should you find anything wrong, be sure to fix it quickly and efficiently! With the use of automation, and by following a few quick guidelines, small batch PCB assembly can be made much more efficient and precise!