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When it comes to Atlassian Clover, many people don’t even know where to begin. They become so overwhelmed trying to understand the jargon that surrounds writing code that they get deterred from even trying to wrap their heads around it. In fact, according to a survey conducted at the HDI 2016 Conference and Expo that asked ?What are you top challenges with using your service desk??, 12% of respondents said ?Hard to use within our IT team? and 15% of respondents said ?Hard to use for employees?. However, Jira training is quickly growing in popularity and can help virtually any business. Here are some answers to some of the most common questions regarding software projects such as Jira training.

  1. What is Jira?

    Jira is an innovate software solution that uses a variety of technical components to help businesses work faster and more efficiently. It is a subscription-based service with a variety of features, but the licensing itself can also be purchased. Jira consists of a combination of incredibly innovative digital software tools to streamline your business. It has an issue tracking device to track and record all system malfunctions. It’s equipped with project management, which helps to record and plan every step of any size business project. Its user interface is easy to grasp for employees of any skill level, and it allows users to customize features on a variety of platforms.
  2. Why is Jira so popular?

    Jira is popular for one simple reason — because it works. It gives businesses a viable outlet to manage and coordinate a vast array of company information, data, and projects. It also helps users to collaborate more efficiently than ever. And due to the fact that it is a subproject of Atlassian Clover, which has already achieved major success and profitability, its system management and support modules will continue to be updated regularly.

Ultimately, Jira is a majorly useful tool for businesses of all kinds. For more information, contact a software development professional.