Meraki equipment

Do you work for a company that needs more space for all your data? As your company expands, you get more employees, and there is more data to collect and save, you don?t want to risk losing it all. If you aren?t properly storing it, you could jeopardize your company?s success by losing your data. Take away this giant risk factor by making sure you start saving all your data to the cloud. There are plenty of ways to go about this process, but one of the best is by choosing to work with Meraki experts who can help with the process.

Interested in learning more about how the cloud can help your company continue to expand and grow? Keep reading to find out how Meraki support can help set your company up with Meraki equipment.

How the Cloud Can Improve Your Company

Even with something as small as your phone, you recognize how important storage can be. When you run out of storage, you can?t take the photos you want to take, you can?t download more music, and you can?t continue to send emails and texts. To get more space, some people choose to delete their favorites apps. What if you could have more space on your phone? Turns out, you can. Just like your phone, you can find more space for your data on larger pieces of technology, too, like your company?s computers. All you need is to set up the cloud with Meraki experts.

Nowadays, more than half of most companies and organizations use the cloud. They do so to transfer sensitive and confidential information along with valuable information that their organization needs to save and store.

So, why should your company make the move? There are a myriad of reasons why it?s worthwhile in the long run. Not only will you be able to save and store all different kinds of information, you will also likely save money with this transfer. One survey had results showing that nearly 82% of companies who used the cloud for their data saved money in the long run.

In addition, nearly the same percentage were more than satisfied with their usage of the cloud because they could tell it led to improvements within half a year.

How Meraki Experts Can Help Your Company

When first setting up the cloud at your company, it can be difficult. You don?t want to lose all the information you have. As you?re transferring it to the cloud, it can leave your data in a vulnerable state if the right person isn?t handling the task. That?s why it?s best to let Meraki experts and Meraki consultants complete the job.

They know how to make sure the transfer is successful from start to finish. Meraki experts will help set up the three important components to cloud computing. They?ll start with the infrastructure, move onto the platform, and end by working on the software.

If you?re still not sure whether or not to rely on Meraki experts to help your company move over to the cloud, they?re track record with other companies and customers should help convince you. Currently, throughout the world, Meraki has connected more than 2 million devices. Overall, they have an installed base of 160,000 customers as of 2016. This helps show how successful they are at their job and how good they are managing their customers.

Find out how transferring your data to the cloud can help your company continue to grow and succeed. You?ll be surprised at what you learn within the first year. When speaking with Meraki consultants, try asking about firewall support, too. You can never be too certain that your company’s data is properly stored and protected from anything that could jeopardize it.

Have you ever set up the cloud for any of your devices? Has your company started using the cloud yet? Let us know in the comments about your experience with the cloud or using Meraki experts for help.