Squarespace website set up

According to a recent survey, 57.7% of small and medium-sized businesses have some kind of plan to upgrade or improve their website in the next year. These small and medium-sized businesses know just how important a quality website can be.

In this modern day and age of technology, there has developed an immediate desire on the part of customers to access information about all kinds of things. From information on products to thorough contact information, consumers expect a website to be attractive, easy to navigate, and updated on a regular basis.

In order to do these things with your website, you must have a site that is easy for you to adjust yourself. Consumers today have very short attention spans. At the turn of the 21st Century, the average attention span was twelve seconds. In 2017, that number has fallen to seven seconds. Keeping on top of the information on your website is vital if you want to continue to stay in business.

If you are looking for that website upgrade, now is the time to consider Squarespace. Here are three reasons why.

1.) Squarespace website design gives you access to those in the know.

With Squarespace, you will have live access to representatives who can talk you through any problem you might have with your site. From 8 AM until 7 PM, Monday through Friday, you can chat live with someone online about your issues. If you have a problem, they will find the answer right along with you. From a simple website design to SEO with Squarespace, your questions will be answered by a knowledgeable staff.

2.) Squarespace website design offers videos.

If you are someone who likes to tackle projects on your own, look no further than the videos Squarespace offers. These videos will walk you through a number of website design and function areas and they range anywhere from 30 minutes in length to an hour. From ecommerce websites to graphic design to hover animations, if you need a hand, someone is already there.

3.) Squarespace website design improves the user experience for your visitors.

A recent report by the Society of Digital Agencies states that 77% of agencies who were surveyed felt that poor website user experiences were a severe weakness for their clients. With Squarespace, your users will get a much more satisfying experience in almost every way.