Executive search consultant services

When it comes to hiring the right person for a job, conducting a thorough search is important. After all, you want to hire the right candidate, the person who is the best fit before the position itself as well as the culture of the company. Though this can be a difficult task, without attention to detail regarding new hires, companies are more likely to have a lower employee retention rate. Fortunately, places like a job placement agency in conjunction with an executive search consultant can be instrumental to finding the right person for the open position. In fact, without an executive search consultant working to find the best candidates for the job, companies and businesses might run into trouble with their new employees.

Unfortunately, job retention is a problem in the United States. In fact, rates of employees leaving their jobs are up an entire 25% when compared to even just two years ago. This means that more than 2 million workers and employees left their positions by the end of June 2015. Millennials have even been called the job hopping generation, meaning that they are always on the look out for a better job. In fact, around 60% of millennials never truly stop the job search, even when they are currently employed.

There are a number of reasons for these poor rates of job retention, according to a recent survey done by Robert Half. The main reason is considered to be a poor skills match between the new hire and the requirements for the job. Following close behind as reasons for a failed hire is unclear performance expectations. These issues can be mostly avoided, however, with the utilization of an executive search consultant. A professional job placement agency can help to initially vet prospective hires, sending them on job interviews that best fit their skill set. An executive search consultant can be beneficial to both the company looking to fill a position as well as the person looking to find a job.

It’s important for companies to do what they can to welcome a new hire as well. A shockingly low 20% of workers feel sufficiently motivated by their boss or manager. And on the other end of things, companies that have employee recognition programs have reported in an overwhelming majority (over 85%) that their rates of employee happiness increased significantly.