Stop if you’ve heard this before:

Every business owner needs digital marketing. It’s effective. Cheap. It reaches target audiences.

It’s true. But digital marketing seems difficult. For many, traditional marketing methods make sense: Trade shows, bumper stickers, flyers, and the all important newspaper, television, and magazine advertisements.

Why is digital marketing important? Why does it matter?

Here are five reasons why every small business owner needs digital marketing.

One: Digital Marketing Is Easier Than You Think

Digital marketing has many positive qualities compared to traditional marketing. Cost-effectiveness. Optimization of conversion rates. It is surprisingly easy to do.

Think about a newspaper ad: There’s the text, which has to be thought up. There’s the image, which has to be drawn up. There’s the contact with the newspaper to set up the ad and there are decisions about which page to put it on and what size it will be.

Take the same situation on Facebook: An image has to be selected and some text. Images can be pulled from stock website and the text has less than two lines to fill.

It’s easier, simpler, and more straightforward. Fewer hours spent on the work.

Two: Breaking Geographical Boundaries

Digital marketing relies on a its power to reach a larger audience than traditional marketing methods.

A television ad reaches people across the country if it’s a national broadcast, but most likely a small business owner will use a local broadcast. That means people locally will see it. Some may go to the store, but many will not.

An Instagram ad puts together people from all over the world. If you run an ad on Instagram, you are breaking geographical boundaries. This works especially well if the small business owner has a service-based business.

Three: Targeted Ads

Imagine this: Jimmy Collins is sitting at his computer. He sees an ad on his Facebook feed. First, his eyes are entranced by the picture. Then he reads the text. He realizes: This is exactly what he has been looking for.

Traditional marketing works by capturing a net. That net may have 100,000 people in it, but only a small subset are going to buy the product.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat encourage small business owners to target their ads. On Facebook, a small business owner targets ads by ethnicity, age, demographic factors, and lifestyle factors.

A small business owner advertises to his direct audience. It requires a smaller net.

Four: People Use Their Emails

Remember the last time you had an ad come in through the mail? It was probably garish, with bright colors and bold text. It was designed to entice you to become a lead. How much did it cost? At least $1 for the stamp and paper.

Email marketing? $0. No physical materials. And better yet: Everyone checks their email.

There are keys, of course. SPAM boxes. Knowing someone.

But email is the quickest way online to generate leads. A simple email message to friends, family, and their acquaintances might be forwarded further. There are ways to do this of course. Learn the best for your company and its brand and message.

Five: Websites Can Be Boosted

You have that website: A hastily put together storefront for the online world. But it gets little traffic. There are ways that can change.

Search engine optimization is the term that refers to the process of developing content to bump your website up in the search results. Why does this work?

Search engines have “spiders” or “crawlers” which check out websites for relative content. For instance, if you have a website about construction company with just a few pages, you might not get the search engine results you want. But if you have that same website with articles about construction, that’s relative to your page.

Your search results for your website will be higher.

Digital design is equally important. Digital design means having the right images and graphics for your website and advertisements. The right digital design by a web design company leads possibly to branding. A graphic designer usually designs website graphics and logos. This is digital design.

Those are five reasons a small business owner needs digital marketing. Starting is simple.