What’s the secret behind good web design? It might not be as abstract as you’re making it out to be.

As the saying goes? ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same’. A lot of what we consider to be brand new trends are just modern incarnations of the classics. Customers want to know they’re investing money in a business that cares, businesses want to cultivate repeat customers to save on money. If it’s been a while since you hired a web designer, now’s a good time to get reacquainted with the basics and catch back up to your competitors.

Below are five important terms no modern web site should be without. Take the test and figure out where you stand!

Local Web Design Is Essential For Local Businesses

Your business has a lot to follow through with. Not only does it need to come off as trustworthy, it needs to market to the right people. An illuminating survey on the nature of today’s first impression found 95% of people citing web design as the reason they trusted, or distrusted, a website. A local web designer can cross-reference your website with national trends and local trends alike. Little by little all the important elements of graphic design, marketing, and SEO will fall into place.

Mobile Optimization Will Help You Connect With Customers

Is your website suitable for mobile browsing? You could be losing out on some valuable customers otherwise. Mobile optimization is a useful tool that makes sure your website isn’t just legible no matter what, but looks good no matter what. Studies have shown you have just 10 seconds to leave an impression and tell consumers what they can get out of your website. Make sure to tell them you value their service, whether they’re on their phone or at their home computer.

Your Website Should Have A Polished Layout

Another useful feature that comes with web design Savannah Georgia resources is just upping your website’s appearance. Does it have a modern layout with appealing colors? Is it well-organized and easy to browse? A recent Google survey of mobile users found 70% stating mobile friendly websites are important. Now make sure those mobile users are finding a website that’s worth sticking around for.

Make Sure Contact And Company Information Are Easy To Find

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many websites make even the most basic information a treasure hunt. When a customer visits they want to know what kind of services you provide and where they can access them. This means contact information, company information, and pricing. Keep these buttons large and visible on the main page, where they can be picked up at a glance. Additional features, like blogs and social media, can come later!

Local SEO Can Help Bring More Web Traffic

Last, but not least…a Savannah web designer can give you some help with SEO. Short for ‘search engine optimization’, local SEO is a key feature in bringing nearby customers to your website. Nearly 70% of the links search users click on are of the organic kind. According to a Global Digital Outlook Study, nearly 45% of marketers are increasing their investment in digital marketing. SEO, alongside blog creation, are sitting pretty at the top of these lists.

Local web design doesn’t have to be a mystery. Hire a local web designer that knows their stuff and watch your ROI flourish in 2019.