It could be said that a modern company’s or business’s most important asset is not its online marketing campaign or its building or even the computers or company jet, but the people who work there. No company can exist without people, and no company or business will thrive without skilled and motivated employees working there. A motivated and qualified employee may be highly productive, but a harassed, unqualified, or frustrated employee is more liable to quit. High employee turnover rates are something to be avoided, as they are expensive and a hassle to deal with. This problem may be worse when higher-up managers are quitting.

To combat this, a company should have a strong HR department, or human resources, in charge of receiving employee questions or complaints, payroll, training, personnel files, and more. But even this department needs the right employees for the job, and an HR consultant or HR senior manager may not be so easy to come by. This is why a human resources recruiter firm may be used. Internal talent a business is rarely adequate for finding and hiring senior managers, but an human resources recruiter firm can handle it, and HR executive recruiters can find the perfect candidates for any job opening for their clients. Other senior positions may also be filled with the work of executive search firms, sometimes known as “headhunters.” These are not ordinary career placement agencies; an human resources recruiter firm will specialize in finding higher-up HR managers for a client company and fill those important job slots.

Finding the Right Candidate

As described above, a human resources recruiter firm will act as the middle party between a client company and the general pool of candidates looking for a new manager job. To begin with, the HR recruitment firm, like other job placement agencies, will have a pool of candidate profiles on hand. Each candidate profile will have that person’s name and personal data, their educational background, previous work experience, special skills, awards and recognition, and more. The employees at a human resources recruiter firm will use software and their own evaluation to match these candidates with job openings among client companies, and arrange for a meeting. The job recruiter is not in charge of actually hiring anyone; rather, they set up the meeting between the candidate and the hiring company. From that point on, the client company can use its own in-house talent, mainly its HR department, to interview and evaluate that candidate and possibly hire them.

Candidates with extensive and relevant job experience and education may enjoy good odds of being hired for such a position, but they should take caution about their online activity. Many job placement firms are paying attention to candidates’ online activity, such as on social media, and some content may be a real red flag for hiring companies. A candidate who posts offensive of obscene material, or one who disparages previous employers or co-workers, may be unattractive to hiring companies.

On the Job

These headhunter search firms have quite a responsibility, since a senior manager, such as for an HR department, also has as lot of responsibility. A hiring company cannot easily afford to hire someone who is unqualified for the job or someone with a bad personality or low motivation, so the expertise of a human resources recruiter firm is necessary to make for the best possible matches. And even when an HR manager is hired, or similar manager, that person may feel a bit overwhelmed by their new job, so they may turn to career or executive coaches to help them along.

An executive coach isn’t exactly a mentor or teacher. Rather, these coaches act as sounding boards for the client manager and may provide input when asked, and helps guide the client manager toward figuring out more effective leadership skills and strategies, and helps their client get along better with their subordinates and peers alike. Many managers who are either at a new employer or who are first-time managers may want these coaches on hand, to quickly refine and hone their manager skills for maximum effect.