The custom home build process can be intense. Even the individuals who have gotten homes constructed just for them could be interested in status renovations and remodeling projects eventually. Different home remodeling procedures may be more popular than others.

Professionals who work in construction services & repair flooring can make sure that your house will last for decades to come. Still, even if the house is perfectly fine, you could be interested in some excellent home remodeling ideas.

You might like to update at least one of the house’s bathrooms. Styles can change quickly, and you want the bathroom to always look as modern as possible. Other people may be interested in making their homes more sustainable as solar panels and other types of renewable energy technology improve. As the years progress, there may be new ways for you to make your home energy-efficient.

People may worry that if they change one room, it won’t match the rest of the house anymore. The room might suddenly look too plain or opulent. There are luxury home renovation ideas that can help people update their houses effectively. Their modified homes will still have the balanced appearance that they had at the beginning.

Styles change and this includes what’s in your home. In fact, home renovations are extremely popular. People want their homes up-to-date, especially the kitchen. While gutting a house and remodeling isn’t always an option, you can still do plenty of cosmetic surgery on your home to bring it up to modern times. Some of this you can do yourself. However, if you need help renovating old house projects, home makeover companies are only a phone call away. No matter what your project is, these professionals can handle it. The most popular home remodel projects center around the kitchen. New countertops, new appliances, new cabinets, and a new floor are typically what people are looking for when remodeling a kitchen. Another popular project is home office remodeling. What is the home office remodel cost? While the kitchen is probably the most expensive room to remodel, the home office is on the other end of the spectrum. What it costs you depends on what you want to do. New carpeting? New paint? Perhaps a built-in desk? Whatever the project details, you can make it become a reality with the right home remodeling company to help you.

In days past, independent contractors had no issue booking work six months out or more. If they were good, word of mouth spread fast and anyone in need of work went to those contractors. There’s no doubt that for many contractors, business was good.

Today’s market however is different. These days, the market is full of independent contractors and home remodelers who can just about everything. If you’re a homeowner that needs to replace a shingle roof for example, you can easily find perhaps a dozen home remodelers in your area and with so many remodelers available, many homeowners expect work to be done fast.

If you’ve got a home remodeling business, it’s important that you keep work rolling in. But spending so much time working can get in the way of marketing your business. It’s estimated that nearly half of small business owners marketed their business themselves and using the right construction marketing tips can add to the success of your business.

The key is to use simple, but effective and affordable strategies. Here are a few that can make your home remodeling business stand out.

Focus Your Marketing

Let’s say your home remodeling business has a special focus on bathroom design, where you turn the average bathroom into a sparkling new one with custom bathroom flooring, new vanities, and even new bathroom mirrors.

construction marketing tips

As you go about marketing your business, one of the best construction marketing tips you can use to really focus your efforts. You can focus your efforts on targeting promising zip codes i.e. areas where homeowners have money to spend on renovations. But you might also find success by focusing your efforts on a single market. Focusing on a single market can help you keep track of your results and ultimately make your business have maximum impact.

So how do you make your business stand out in a single market? Get creative. Look into local advertising opportunities, go to a home improvement store and buy yard signs, have flyers printed and leave in various spots around town such as bingo halls, pizza joints and even grocery store bulletin boards. If you really want to get creative, get involved in local youth sports. Sponsor a Little League team or even purchase advertising space on signs around a ball field or on a high school scoreboard.

All of these steps should be considered as you try to position your home remodeling business as a foremost expert. If homeowners are looking for the best in home addition renovations, where they want to perhaps expand their living room or add-on to their house, you want to make sure that your company is the one they call.

Know What You’re After

Focusing your marketing also means knowing what kind of customer you’re after and who’s interested or qualified in the products and services your small business offers.

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s how potential customers are broken down into today’s business world:

  • Subscribers: Those who might read your company blog or newsletter and have provided only their email address.
  • Leads: Folks who have indicated an interest in your products or services, usually by filling out a form or expressing interested via a website. Their interest has left you their name and a contact.
  • Marketing Qualified Leads: Folks who have shown significant interest in your business by means of a consultation, a phone call, showing up to an open house or paying a visit to your business to check out your showroom.
  • Sales Qualified Leads: Once a market qualified lead has been identified, it’s your job to figure out if they are a sales qualified lead i.e. someone who’s actually going to business with you. Market qualified leads can be valuable, but some of them may not have the budget for your services, the need for your services or they live in the wrong geographical area.
  • Customers: Plain and simple, these are people who have done business with you.
  • Evangelists: Vendors or customers who can’t get enough of your business and will speak about it positively, referring people to your business and services.
construction marketing tips

By identifying these different types of people, you can have a better focus for your construction marketing tips. Ultimately, your marketing should generate marketing qualified leads that can turn into sales qualified leads, which can become customers and repeat customers.

Utilize CRM Software

On the subject of generating leads, you should also look into customer relationship management (CRM) software. This is yet another of many helpful construction marketing tips because this will give you a way to manage communication between your small business, your clients, and prospective clients.

Good CRM software will allow you to have a contact data base, email marketing tools and contact profile views among other helpful tools. Ultimately, you’ll be able to keep track of any and all leads you get, communicate with those leads, keep track of where the leads are in your company’s sales funnel—that is to say are they marketing qualified leads or sales qualified leads—and also help you keep track of your business revenue.

Don’t Neglect Visual Content

While there are many important construction marketing tips, another important one you should consider is not to underestimate the power of good visual content.

Even at a time when everyone seems glued to their cell phone or other devices, they still pay attention to visuals. This is especially true when it comes to home remodeling and renovation. Think about TV networks like the DIY Network or HGTV. The content on these networks is popular because people love it.

With that in mind, you’re probably wondering where construction marketing tips fit in and how they can help. You don’t have to start your own TV show, but you should be creating visual content that draws interest and gets people talking.

construction marketing tips

Let’s say your business specializes in kitchen projects and you and your team are expert kitchen remodelers. You can get people talking about your business if you can illustrate and show off some of your projects. Start a remodeling blog and write about projects that your team is working on. As you post, use photos to show the entire process from start to finish.

Another option for strong visuals is YouTube. You can very easily create a YouTube channel and share all kinds of content. You can share time-lapse videos that show off projects you work on. You can make short videos that offer tips for homeowners wanting to do remodeling. You can even use a GoPro camera to give viewers a first-person view of tackling a renovation project.

The bottom line is that using visuals can get people talking about your business. If a homeowner wants a new fence in their backyard and they see your work online, your business is going to be the fence company they go with to add that extra something special to their backyard.

Mix It Up

Even if your marketing efforts are focused and you’re using strong visual content, no list of construction marketing tips is complete without varied marketing.

Varying your marketing with a targeted marketing campaign is going to make your business stand out more than just one ad or a series of ads. Different studies have indicated that plenty of small business owners don’t take full advantage of different platforms to market themselves.

What that means for your business is you need to utilize any and all channels you can. If you’ve got a company website, make sure it’s easy to use and updated pretty consistently. If your company specializes in oval ductwork, use sites like Pinterest to show off the full range of your business’ oval ductwork and oval duct products. Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter either. Both of these platforms likely have thousands of users in your target area and anything you can do to make them aware of your business and your services is a good thing.

As prevalent as social media sites are today, you may be unfamiliar with how to use social media effectively to promote your business. This is where social media marketing services can be an invaluable source of help. Social media marketing services can give you all kinds of construction marketing tips to make your business stand out. They’ll offer tips on what you should post on sites like Facebook and Twitter and how you should post it, using certain keywords or phrases. They’ll show you how to make the best use of visuals and they’ll show you how you can keep track of your social media outreach, meaning you’ll be able to see how many people click on a Facebook post or watch a YouTube video.

Don’t Forget About Past Customers

Many construction marketing tips are no doubt geared toward helping a small business like yours bring in new business. As effective as these tips can be, however, you don’t want to forget about your client database.

construction marketing tips

If you aren’t tapping into your old client database, you might be missing out on opportunities as well as money, and it’s estimated that 70% of small businesses are currently having struggles with debt. Past clients might not be ready to tackle a home renovation project, especially if you’ve done work for them in the past six months or past year. But it’s a good bet that past clients know someone who is ready for home renovation.

How can you use construction marketing tips to appeal to old customers? You can go the old-fashioned route and mail out postcards, offering past clients a referral incentive. You can send them links to some of videos from your YouTube channel. The key is striking a balance between remaining visible to them enough to peak their interest and not overwhelming them with information they don’t want or need.

As previously mentioned, a previous client may not be ready more renovation, but they might no someone who is. Let’s say you’ve done some remodeling for your next-door neighbor. If it’s recent, they probably don’t need any work done, but they might refer you to a friend or even refer to their place of employment for important work. If you specialize in home heating and cooling services, for example, you may be able to provide a place of business with needed commercial AC installation services to help a business with their heating and cooling needs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up

As you compile a list of helpful construction marketing tips, one you need to add to the list is not being afraid to follow up on lead activity. You can send all the postcards you want and send helpful videos about the benefits of scrap recycling shears, but all that work might be for naught if you don’t act.

If you haven’t been in business long, you may wonder what proper social protocol is for following up with leads. Do you call them once? Twice? Do you not call them at all?

You definitely need to follow-up with leads whether via phone or email. Leads filled out forms on your website or reached out to you for a reason. Even if they’re not as engaged yet as you’d like, reach out to them. Show them what products and services you have to offer. Show them how your business can help them and transform their homes. You can follow up and be cordial without seeming desperate or pushy.

Get Going With Your Marketing

construction marketing tips

Armed with the right construction marketing tips, you can market your goods and services to old customers, new customers, and potential leads. You can use social media and other channels to your advantage and grow your business into one that stands out in your area. Much like an urgent care center is a go-to place when folks are in need of medical care, your home renovation business can become the go-to business when people are looking to transform their home, whether they want to add a backyard fence, a front porch, or put an addition on their humble abode.