In this video, you will learn about explosion-proof seals. The video goes through an example of when you should use this seal. The man in the video works with gas lines.

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It also talks about the benefits of an explosion proof seal and what they are primarily used for. These are fittings that restrict the passage of gases, vapors, or flames from one portion of the electrical installation to another. It can help reduce explosions to the sealed off enclosure, and limit pre-compression in most pressure systems. Gas pads generally have explosion-proof seals. Everything in the compressor has to be threaded. The panel will sit in the middle and it is low voltage. It is monitored out to make sure the pump and everything is working well. When you are feeding gas pipes, you have to be very careful. Even though they are explosion-proof, it is still very dangerous. When you apply the seal, it is hard to get them off. You don’t want them to come off, though. You might even consider learning how to take them off before putting them on, in case there is a point where you need to take them off.