When crafting a large architectural project, it’s easy to see exactly how it will look in your head. When it comes time to share your ideas with coworkers or clients, though, you might find that you can’t quite get them on the same page. Traditional sketch renderings are fine for the most part, but have you ever wished there was a better option out there?

3D architectural design platforms are the next big wave in the industry. In fact, the 3D rendering market was worth over $2 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by over 20% by 2026. Everyone is jumping to integrate this software into their own firms, and not only for the convenience it can bring to their work. Having access to architecture design platforms is actually an incredible marketing tool on its own.

Give Your Potential Clients Something to Remember

Architecture design platforms enable you to make a lasting impression on potential new customers. It’s the closest clients can come to physically seeing your work without the need to travel to a previous project. Having the ability to showcase your ideas and what you can potentially bring to the table in such detail is an undoubtedly good tool in your toolbox.

What it comes down to is that architectural visualization is a powerful thing. If clients are able to be right there in your head with you and are able to picture exactly what you are pitching to them, you have a better chance of winning them over.

Communication Is King

Marketing, at the end of the day, is all based on communication. Having a clear line of communication with your potential clients is worth more than any billboard on the street. As the world changes to become an incredibly tech-savvy landscape, you need to stay ahead of your competitors in order to stand out. If you can bring something that no one else has to the table, you have a better chance of getting that client.

This is where ALY comes in. ALY is the next big step in the architectural rendering platform game. It differs from other architecture design platforms, as it doesn’t require an app or any other special hardware or software. It connects to your cloud storage provider, meaning your renderings can be accessed at any time and shared with anyone through a link. This means your 3d renderings can be shared directly with your potential clients.

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