Do you have a business that has multiple servers? Is it getting increasingly difficult to organize and maintain all the various parts that make them work as you want them to? The YouTube channel, ShowMeCables, demonstrates C13 to C20 power cords and the advantages of color-coding your cables.

The most standard power cord comes in black, but having cords that come in many colors comes with many advantages.

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A big one is having the different colors representing different kinds of hardware. Companies that use multiple servers can benefit from this feature. There will be less chance of having accidental disconnections during business hours.

A red cord can be used to easily spot hardware that’s responsible for firewalls. Green cords can help people spot which power supply feeds the exchange servers. Even something simple as attaching a white cord could differentiate between the coffee pot and the power source for a vital data center!

Each C13 to C20 power cord features an IEC C20 connector and an IEC C13 connector. They come in blue, green, red, or white colors. Such cords are very useful when computers require C20 connections for their power supplies.