Online sales

Dozens of reasons exist to consider hosting online marketing solutions, but five stand out among the pack because they are true industry statistics. Statistic No. 1 is the hardest hitter too. About three fourths of the U.S. population using Internet searches will stop after the first search engine results page, or SERP, because they feel they have found the result they wanted. What about the companies on pages 2 through 100? They are left out, leaving a gaping hole and a true need in getting these companies recognized.

Statistic No. 2: About the same amount of people say they avoid paid online advertising like the plague. These users prefer to click on organic links that take them directly from where they are to a company’s website. From there, these users will find the information they have been wanting to find. They feel safer this way, though it has drastically altered the advertising landscape too. This requires more hosting solutions for things like social media and SEO, proven techniques that have nothing to do whatsoever with clicking on online ads.

This leads to statistic No. 3: SEO drastically bumps the organic ranking of a business due to simultaneously improving visibility on search engines. So those online users who prefer organic links are getting them, and you as a hosting professional are making sure your clients are being listed organically on these ranking pages. Your online marketing efforts for clients here are advertising in a way, but they are not direct and therefore will not scare away savvy Internet users.

Statistic No. 4: Almost all marketers involved with social media track the followers and fans their clients have. So the number of fans that appear on a company’s social media page is being watched closely to track brand loyalty and correlate with other marketing programs. Consider hosting a social media platform for this very reason.

Statistic No. 5: More people are using their phones to look around online. Online connectivity through mobile devices and even tablets has facilitated a greater, more elaborate and easier connection between users and the Internet. This is scary to stores without formidable online presences, and these stores are increasingly wanting hosting solutions so they can more effectively compete. Consider hosting to give these companies a fighting chance to compete. Just verify a solid SEO reseller program or social media reseller program before you actually buy into it.
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