Hr system

Your human resources department works hard every day. Keeping track of an entire company’s worth of employees, their hours works, their benefits packages, and their payroll is a full-time job. And since employees have a right to know any and all of the above information, whenever there’s an inquiry, someone in human resources must stop and retrieve the pertinent data.

Many companies are turning to HRMS applications that employees can access through the company web portal, just by using their online ID. With the infrastructure already in place, it’s one of the most affordable and simple HRMS solutions out there, freeing up hundreds of work hours every month.

HRMS applications can monitor hours worked, including overtime and differential shifts. Employees can view their most recent time sheet as a PDF online or print it out for their records. Pay stubs are also located on the HRMS application page, so that employees can easily access the information they need for loan applications and tax time.

The web applications also make it easy to update any personal information (such as a change of address or phone number, or the addition of a bouncing new dependent), instead of submitting a hard copy form to the human resources department. You can also add, edit, or delete any direct deposit information, and even separate out your paycheck into multiple accounts. Changes are made quickly and efficiently, often with very little turnaround time.

There are many things your human resource department does that you can’t help with, like payroll and benefits. But for the things you can do, there are HRMS online applications to make it easy, fast, and time-effective.