Washington dc business phone system

Did you know that 80% of CIO’s build their companies’ infrastructures by outsourcing to a cloud hosting service? Subsequently, the global cloud computing market is expected to be worth more than $180 billion by 2015. A solid IT infrastructure is the quickest way to a solid, stable business, especially in 2014 when business has to delve even further into the digital frontier.

While you undoubtedly realize that using reliable server solutions can be the trick to tapping into the $1.25 trillion Internet Retailer estimates is spent online every year and you likely know the data security benefits of using a cheap dedicated server, what about your phone service? Do you realize how much you can gain by switching to a cloud-based business phone system?

How Businesses Can Benefit from Cloud-based Business Phone Systems

  • Huge Savings on Your Communications Bill
  • According to Franchising.com, a website with a focus on modern business technologies, switching over from an outdated land-line business phone system to something built on the cloud can save your business a lot of money. With savings estimated at 50 to 60% in the first year, many businesses have seen costs drop by as much as $7,000 annually.

  • Integrated, Unified Functionality
  • With a land-line telephone system, you have to answer the phone, then you have to log onto your computer to check your e-mail. However, as SmallBizTrends.com writes, the best business phone systems grant their users unified functionality. In other words, you can do everything from one location. Want to make a call? Put on a headset and do so from your computer. Need to check your voicemail? Open your e-mail and listen. This convenient, unified technology is a big draw for many businesses.

  • Redundant, Reliable Service
  • When you use a cloud-based business phone system, you gain hardware redundancy. Consider, when your traditional phone-line goes down, that’s it; you just have to wait for someone to restore your service. However, when you run a digital phone system, your communications can simply hop servers if there is an issue in its main host. In other words, you’re much less likely to have to worry about your communications going down.

  • One Solution, Multiple Locations
  • As Visual.ly shows, if you have multiple branches of your business, using a cloud-based business phone system is the only way to go. You can set up one account and have your communications work across multiple locations. Not only does this improve internal communications, it ensures every one of your employees has the technology they need to support your business.

Like having a great website and a sensible security solution to protect your business data, switching over to a reliable business phone system can help your business succeed in the Internet Age. Unless you don’t like saving money or gaining reliable, agile communications functionality, you need to find a reliable provider of cloud-based phone systems today. Good references here: local.cbeyond.com