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If you were to ask any marketing firm what the best way is to increase your website traffic in 2014, they would undoubtedly answer “social media marketing campaigns.” As Statistic Brain shows, more than two billion people use Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms. Subsequently, engaging in social media marketing campaigns can open your business up to a huge pool of potential customers.

Social Media Today writes how effective social media has been for businesses. 52% of businesses on Facebook, for example, report earning at least one new customer through the service. Because of the incredible marketing potential of Facebook and other services like it, social media marketing budgets are expected to double within the next five years. If you’re considering increasing your own budget for social media marketing campaigns, you need to make sure that money doesn’t go to waste. With these tips, you can help ensure every penny has a positive effect.

Four Tips for Improving Social Media Marketing Campaigns

  1. Build Your Call to Action into Your Cover Photo
  2. For KissMetrics, the most effective way to improve the impact of your social media marketing campaigns, particularly on Facebook, is by building your call of action directly into your page’s cover photo. Since your cover photo is likely to be the first thing your followers see, placing your CoA there puts it in the perfect place to result in conversions. Since Facebook no longer enforces a text limit for cover photos, you can say whatever you need to.

  3. Write Content That People Care About
  4. Content marketing has been the name of the game for some time now, but did you realize that great content not only draws people to your website but to your social media profiles as well? As Entrepreneur writes, creating high-quality, custom content with punchy, attractive titles is the key to earning new followers, shares, and more revenue through your social campaign. As always, make sure the content you produce answers a question, educates your consumers, or entertains them for the best results.

  5. Give Your Fans Ways to Get Involved
  6. One of the keys to any successful social media campaign is to make yourself seem like just another friend. Social Media Examiner suggests holding fan appreciation or fan involvement events to help promote this relationship. Say, for example, you’re a successful sci-fi author with a devoted fan following. Try giving your fans a day where they can share their fan pages celebrating your work on your wall. This brings them some recognition, shows you appreciate them, and helps demonstrate to others that you’re an exciting brand that people are truly interested in.

  7. Respond Quickly
  8. Do you realize how quickly your followers expect you to respond if they take the time to reach out to you on social media? According to statistics from All Twitter, 42% of consumers say they expect a response within an hour. If they’re sending you a complaint, 72% expect a response within that hour. Subsequently, you need to make a real effort to respond to as many of your fan questions and complaints as quickly as you can if you want to run successful social media marketing campaigns.

    Using social media marketing for business success doesn’t have to be difficult. Start using these four tips for your own social media optimization, and watch as your audience grows, not to mention your revenue. Continue your research here.