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According to Search Engine Journal, 93% of all online experiences still begin with a search engine. Subsequently, whether you’re a blogger looking for traffic or a business looking for customers, getting yourself noticed in popular search engine results is the key to accomplishing your goals. While online search engine optimization has changed in the last few years, natural search engine optimization remains the number one way to be noticed online moving forward into 2014.

What is Natural Search Engine Optimization?
As defined by Webopedia, natural search engine optimization, oftentimes referred to as organic search engine optimization, is the method of building search engine result presence and ranking so as to take advantage of the huge volume of searches conducted every month. Google, for example, handles 100 billion searches every month, according to Search Engine Land.

In the past, natural search engine optimization could be obtained by stuffing content full of keywords, building a ton of backlinks, and repeating the process. However, search engine optimized marketing in 2014, as you will see, has changed.

What Are the Keys to Web Internet Marketing in 2014?

  1. Social Media is a Must
  2. Engaging in natural search engine optimization in 2014, according to CIO, a website devoted to technology and marketing, is best done by building up a presence on popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Consider, Statistic Brain lists Facebook usage at 700 billion minutes a month. By building a smart social media campaign, you can make sure some of that time is spent on your business. Plus, for every bit of interaction you have with users via social media, you’ll gain points with Google’s robots when it comes time to index your page.

  3. Ending All Black-Hat Practices
  4. If you haven’t seen the bright-red writing on the wall, Google has been cracking down on so-called “black-hat” SEO practices. In short, black-hat internet advertisements methods are abusive practices meant to take advantage of loopholes in the way search engines work; you’re likely familiar with keyword stuffing and link-farming, both considered black-hat by Google. As the SEO Professor suggests, doing away with these practices is a simple way to improve your natural search engine optimization.

  5. More Than Ever, Content Has to Fill a Need
  6. In late 2013, Google released another algorithm update. This update, labeled Hummingbird, aims to make search engines work more like their human users. One of the most popular ways people are using Google is by asking a question in the search box. Subsequently, if you want to stay ahead of Google changes and be found by web users, Search Engine Land writes that you need to design and write high quality content that answers a question for your users. This continued shift toward content optimization, far more than anything else, shows where SEO is going in 2014.

While natural search engine optimization is certainly not going anywhere in 2014, the fact is that it’s taking on a noticeably different form. With these tips, you can stay ahead of industry changes and implement the most effective online marketing methods. Ger more information on this topic here: