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Did you know that, according to Forbes, an estimated eight out of every 10 American businesses fail? Running a business means being able to market your business and communicate with your customers and partners, while simultaneously offering the best product and customer service on the market. If you struggle with any one of those things, chances are your business will become just another statistic.

However, as The Houston Chronicle writes, there are a number of modern technologies that can transform a business from a struggling venture to a success story. These technologies, ranging from VoIP phone service to in-house network racks, can improve your communications, marketing, productivity, customer service, and so much more. Here’s how.

Three Modern Technologies That Can Revolutionize Your Business

  1. Voice over Internet Protocol Phone Service
  2. As Enterprise Networking Planet writes, Voice over Internet Protocol phone service (VoIP), also commonly referred to as internet phone, brings with it a number of benefits. Most notably, perhaps, is the fact that VoIP is said to be 20 to 90% cheaper, depending on the geographic locations you’re making calls to, than traditional services. In other words, you get improved communications potential at a fraction of the cost.

  3. In-House Servers
  4. Using server rack cases to build an in-house server solution is a great idea for the business that is looking to increase the strength of their IT infrastructure. Maintaining server rack cases onsite means giving yourself the ability to expand your IT functionality without having to go through a third-party. While maintaining server rack cases onsite can mean a lot more work for any business, most find the potential savings on a near limitless IT solution to be worth the trade-off.

  5. Mobile Communication Technology
  6. Adding mobile communications technology to your business, as Small Business Trends suggests, can have a near immediate, transformative effect on your company. As the source writes, mobile communications mean your customers can always reach you. Equally important, mobile communications are often considered to be far more cost effective than their land-line counterparts. If you want to improve your customer service while cutting costs, there are few better options than going mobile.

    Whether it’s finding the right server rack enclosures or VoIP service for your business, implementing these technologies can be the thing you’ve been looking for. Transform your business today by looking for reputable providers of these powerful solutions. For more, read this link.