Benefits of a website

By now, every small business understands the benefits of having a website. And if the company has had particularly good luck driving traffic, it’s likely seen a boost in sales because of increased visibility in search engines. It’s estimated that over 82% of all Internet users depend on search engines for multiple aspects of their browsing experiences, after all.

But it’s 2014 now, which means we’re only a few years away from seeing a shift. Mobile marketing is poised to overtake traditional desktop (or laptop) browsing, according to plenty of recent studies. In 2012 alone, nearly a quarter of all search terms were entered via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Additionally, the more mobile we’re becoming, the more we’re dependent on social media to feed us our content.

That’s why almost 25% of all Facebook users check their accounts at least five times per day. That’s why Twitter has pulled in nearly 300 million active users since its 2006 launch. And that’s why you’ll need social media to help your small business succeed in the future. Here’s how you do it.

Building your audience.

How does social media help businesses? For one thing, it’s not enough just to be on the Internet anymore with a website and no support. Even creating a mobile website, which is slowly becoming a prerequisite to profitable web success, is still falling short. What every business needs is a muscly web presence, not just sporadic cameo appearances. That means daily tweets and Facebook updates. That means linking back to your own site with engaging content users want to read.

Partnering with online marketers.Using the web as your digital resume.

Forget IT consulting. Forget investing in servers. Forget office space. All you really need to found your own startup today is an Internet connection and a good idea. Tomorrow’s Facebooks are being cultivated right now on iPads across the world, so how are you going to compete with them? By beating them at their own game, that’s how. Get involved with the web and, specifically, what your customers are saying about your services. If there’s an issue, resolve it — publicly. Take to Twitter to answer questions. Be as open as you can. Your prospective clients will remember it — and they’ll remember you.

Out of all the types of marketing services you can partner with today, why settle for anything less than dynamic? Talk to the creative web marketing professionals in your area today to see what they can do to transform your business. Good refereneces: