Radios for remote construction sites

There have been a number of new technologies developed over the last couple of decades meant to improve one thing: human communication. The internet, cellular phone technology, global positioning satellite systems — all of these exciting and constantly evolving technologies help keep us in touch with the world, whether we’re at home or circumnavigating the globe.

Some of the best communications technologies are those based on global mobile satellite systems. That’s why oil companies use mobile communication systems based on satellite tech to connect their drilling operations, many of which are located in the most remote parts of the world. Likewise, adventure seekers climbing Mt.Everest in Nepal also rely on mobile satellite connections, as opposed to more mainstream communications tech. Sure, as Forbes writes, it’s a lot more expensive to start using satellite technology — somewhere in the $600 to $1,700 price range — but with the added benefits of going with this slightly older invention, it’s no secret why this technology remains in such high demand.

Three of the Biggest Advantages of Using Mobile Satellite Connections

  1. Travel Rates Are a Lot More Affordable
  2. Trying to communicate with your different business locations through a cellular network can mean racking up huge bills. That’s why companies with different locations around the world, like those in the oil industry, prefer to use mobile satellite communications. Satellite communications providers typically offer a flat rate, meaning you won’t pay more because you’re roaming.

  3. You’ll Very Rarely Drop Connection
  4. For many businesses, the best reason to use a mobile satellite connection is reliability. Unlike other tech that drops the signal as soon as you enter a dense forest or drive into a more remote part of the world, mobile satellite connections stay strong. That’s one major benefit of having orbital communication platforms.

  5. Satellite Phones Can More Readily Be Located
  6. As detailed in a recent report from The Nepali Times, satellite communications technologies have long been the preferred option for backpackers heading up Mt. Everest and into many of the other most dangerous adventure travel locations across the world. Remember, satellite communications devices work on the same systems that power GPS technology. When people get lost in the wilds — as we’re all too often wont to do — mobile satellite connections can more easily be traced and tracked than other forms of wireless communications.

Do you take a mobile satellite phone with you when you travel? What are the biggest benefits of this technology in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.