Sell dell laptop

There are many opportunities out there to sell old laptops for cash. At first glance, this seems like a completely positive opportunity: you get to trade outdated or broken laptops for a cash payout, getting paid for something that’s essentially useless. But there a few pros and cons to consider. Ask yourself these questions to determine if it’s the right move for you:

  1. Is the Laptop Still Working?

    If your laptop is still working, then it’s very important you uninstall all the programs and delete all the files. But since deleting a file often doesn’t actually permanently delete it, there’s still some risk of someone accessing your files. You should be especially careful when selling a laptop online, since identify thieves often try to get ahold of personal electronics in order to glean information. If the laptop is just a bit outdated and clunky, you might want to consider giving it to a younger friend or family member, instead, to give it a new life.

  2. Which Parts Are Broken?

    If you do sell broken laptops, don’t assume that all sensitive data once stored on the computers has been wiped just because they won’t turn on. A more experienced techie might be able to access it (a hard drive reader, for example, is a simple device that can get at anything on the hard drive even if the computer itself won’t boot up). The same concern should apply to cell phones.

  3. Are There Recycling Options Available?

    If there are recycling options available, that’s another good way to consider disposing of a laptop. You may even be able to recycle laptops for cash, since some companies specialize in taking them apart and extracting usable materials. This is good for you, too, since most areas prohibit just throwing computers or other electronics in the trash (even if your local laws don’t prohibit it, you shouldn’t; electronics like computers and TVs contain harmful elements that require special disposal).

As long as the data is completely wiped, do you think it’s a good idea to sell old laptops for cash? Share your thoughts in the comments.