Laptop repair services

Nearly every company currently in operation relies on computer technology to perform its everyday operations with ease. And to make sure these computer systems run as efficiently as possible to foster an environment of productivity, companies often keep an IT department staffed with full-time professionals.

Think about the cost of keeping your own company’s IT department fully staffed. What if there were another way to get the help you need with your computers when you need it, without the costs of staffing an entire department of employees? This is where IT managed services providers — who offer their services on a subscription basis — come in.

Cost savings are just one of the many advantages that IT managed services providers offer to enterprises. Here’s a look at a few other benefits and advantages of investing in managed services:

Enhanced network security

Data breaches and cyber-attacks plague a huge number of businesses — especially small businesses without the means to invest in high-tech network security systems. An incredible 87% of small businesses experienced a network security breach in 2012! IT managed services provide continuous monitoring of your networks, notifying you when there is a potential security risk. By taking preventive action against security breaches, you can avoid the costs associated with a data breach.

Onsite service when you need it

Many managed services providers also offer on-site computer repair services in addition to remote, web-based work. If your computer systems fail, your managed services provider will be at the office in no time to fix the problem. This pay-as-you-need-to system is much more affordable than keeping an IT department on hand all the time.

IT compliance mandates are followed

Not sure if your company’s networks follow federal and industry IT compliance mandates like HIPAA, PCI or FISMA? Never fear — IT managed services providers are experts in these compliance mandates, and will make sure your computer systems follow these regulations. When even a minor HIPAA violation can result in fines upwards of $50,000, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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