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What is the biggest threat to large enterprises? It is becoming increasingly well-known that some of the nation’s biggest companies may have a looming crisis on their hands. “Almost 60% of respondents now use a personally owned mobile device for work purposes,” the Computer Business Review writes. More alarmingly, “With today’s inherently mobile workforce many organizations’ corporate information is exposed and all too easily transferred outside of managed environments.” The reason being that most of these devices — employees’ personal mobile devices — have very limited security, or sometimes none at all.

Anticipate Loss And Theft Before It Happens

Currently, 59% businesses use cloud computing. With the emergence of mobile cloud services, the number of companies taking advantage of cloud assessment services is likely to increase exponentially. And cloud security assessment should be at the heart of these discussions. While it is easier than ever for employees to access data and company applications no matter where they happen to be, many fear data is less secure because of it. Improving security can be as simple as having a backup plan. Make certain that you are able to remotely wipe data on mobile devices in the event of theft or loss.

Teach Employees Best Practices For Mobile Devices

In nearly all instances (70%), a large enterprise will have a top IT official play a direct role in the purchase of mobile cloud services — and that’s a good start. Another way to improve security is simply to advise employees about the best practices for their mobile devices. For instance, sticking to Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Both are constantly scanning for malware, viruses, and suspicious activity, meaning that the apps you download from them are generally safe. Similarly, regularly updating phones can also prevent serious problems and malware.

Mobile use is on the rise — and the prevalence of mobile devices is threatening large companies. Thankfully, with some simple measures (e.g., systems in place to remotely remove data and regularly updating phones) serious security risks are highly unlikely.