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Best Advertising Practices Include a Mix of Digital and Print Communication

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Commercial printing companies

In our digital world it is sometimes easy to forget that some things are just better in print. When we have calendars on our phones, our laptops and our tablets that we can use to link and share events between family members, it is sometimes easy to forget that the one paper calendar hanging on the wall by the garage door is the REAL family schedule. But studies show that even in our digital age, print materials still matter. And if you are the marketing staff member in charge of the last minute brochures that you want to hand out at your trade show booth, you will likely still be making use of 24 hour rush printing services.

It will come as no surprise to people in the advertising industry that 76% of small businesses say their ideal marketing strategy encompasses a combination of both print an

The IT Field is “It”

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Voip telephony system

Industrial technology (IT) is the use of engineering and manufacturing technology to speed up and simplify production, thereby making it more efficient. Workers in this field must be creative and technically proficient individuals in order to help companies achieve efficient and profitable productivity. Planning and designing manufacturing processes/equipment are the main tasks of industrial technologists — they are often in charge of implementing certain designs and processes, as well as maintaining complex operation systems. In short, they are in charge of nearly all technology-related things in a company, whether they be security systems, video conferencing systems, etc.

Incidents such as the Sony email leaks and the Wikileaks U.S. military document scandal have brought much attention to i

How Small Business Web Design Can Improve Your Company

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Are you a business owner looking for new and exciting marketing strategies that will increase your sales? A great place to start is with the online and mobile versions of your company website. Did you know that over 60% of companies that had a website designed specifically for mobile use showed an increase in revenue? Another study, conducted by Inspired Magazine showed that you have a mere 10 seconds to make an impression and tell Internet consumers what they will get out of your website and company. Is this something that your company is doing well, or you do think your web design could use some sprucing up? Here’s a few things to remember when thinking about small business web design.

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