Phoenix seo company

For small and big businesses alike, if you’re not online, you’re at a huge disadvantage. Businesses with websites not only have more visibility in the sense that they are able to provide potential customers with a brochure-like list of services, no matter where they are, but they also are able to reap the benefits of SEO and bring major visibility and lead increase to their company.
So how do SEO services work? In this article, we’ve broken down exactly what an SEO branding strategy is, what it does, and what the benefits of SEO truly are.

So…what is SEO?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal of SEO is to optimize your company’s website, making it rankeable on Google’s search engine.
But ranking isn’t just a matter of having a business and labeling it correctly. If you are a plumber, for example, simply calling your site “Joe’s Plumber” and providing it with an awesome website design isn’t going to help you get visibility. Sure, it’s an important part of SEO, but there is much more to the picture.

In order to rank on Google and gain the visibility your business wants and deserves, your website needs to be optimized, meaning it has to have a few components that makes Google recognize it as authoritative and legitimate:

  • Original, engaging, and consistent content. This means that your website should have a regularly updated blog, and you should utilize SEO techniques within the blog, plugging in rankable keywords.
  • Link juice! It sounds odd, yes, but link juice is the presence and exchanging (be careful with this word, because it shouldn’t be intentional) of authoritative links. For example, if you include a fact on your blog post, be sure to link the rightful owner and source. This exchange of links will make your content more shareable and legitimate in Google’s eyes.
  • Now that you have the basics of SEO just remember to have fun and be patient. It takes months to see turnaround with SEO, but having a good SEO company by your side will help you to reap the benefits in SEO in a few months time.