Web design services

The advent of digital marketing gives businesses new ways to connect their brands with a targeted audience. A social media campaign can be crafted to suit your business, whether it is a startup or an enterprise level business. With custom web design and SEO services, your business can reach the thousands of customers out there who are looking for your products and services. Interactive web design puts the powerful capabilities of the web at your disposal.

Web design develops fast, and it is no longer enough for your business just to have an online presence. It must have an effective online presence, and to achieve that, a social media campaign designed and carried out by a digital marketing services company can make sure your website reaches the people it is meant to reach.

Online shopping via mobile devices

Ecommerce is not the way of the future, it is here now. It affects the way consumers research and buy products. Every 30 seconds, ecommerce generates $1.2 million in revenues. Customers increasingly shop on mobile devices, and trust what they find online. Fully four out of five online shoppers use their smartphones to shop. As many as 70% of all mobile searches produce action online by the consumer within as little as one hour.

So for businesses it pays not just to have a website, but a website that is optimized for mobile devices. As many as 40% of internet users around the world have shopped online for products or services. Of these, one-third or 34% use their phones to go online, instead of desktop or laptop computers.

Optimizing your website for mobile brings big rewards

The biggest problem with going online on mobile devices is that many websites are not optimized for mobile and consequently load very slowly. And there’s almost nothing like a slow loading site to make customers abandon a page or a website or even the business itself. As many as 40% of people will wait only three seconds for a web page to load, and will abandon the page if it does not load within that time.

And conversely, of the companies that had specifically designed websites for mobile devices, as many as 62% reported increased sales. A social media campaign carried out a firm that specializes in SEO and mobile optimization might be the best investment you can make in advertising.