Professional web design

Technology is all around us, and developing a website to promote your business is a great way to become involved with internet marketing. Investing in design and SEO will represent your brand, gain clientele, and open doors for web visibility. Below are some essential additions to consider when developing a new website, or updating an existing site.

Be up to Date

When a viewer clicks on your website, they expect to find an updated server that can be easily formatted. Forty eight percent of users who arrive on a business site that does not display well on mobile take their findings as an indication of the business simply not caring. On average, Americans conduct 12 billion searches per month, so it is crucial to keep your information updated and relevant. Moreover, 61 percent of global Internet users research products online.

Make an Impact

Your information should be displayed in a well thought out manner, as you only have about 10 seconds to leave a lasting impression and relay to consumers what they will get out of your website and company. Attract customers with adwords to show them exactly what they are looking for, so they will not be lost and confused with unimportant information.

Be Concise and Clear

Users only read about 28% of the content they see on a webpage. Easy to read quality facts are preferred by readers, as seventy percent of people looked at bullet point lists compared to the 55% who read lists without bullets. Additionally, incorporating visuals in your internet marketing will keep viewers interested and engaged.

Outshine Competitors

Four out of five consumers shop using their smartphones, making internet marketing easily accessible and incredibly common. Make sure to grab their attention with high quality content, a responsive website, and link building. Hiring professional web designers and SEO professionals will help attract attention in search engines, and draw more viewers to your website.

Be Accessible

Consumers are at the heart of every online business, so it is imperative to ask for feedback and implement those changes. Only 55% of companies currently conduct any online user experience testing, so make sure to reach out to your customers to see what is working and what is not. This will build rapport, trust and will ensure repeat customers.