Local search seo

What is your SEO branding strategy? If you don’t have one it’s time to start planning, as businesses small and large are starting to take advantage of these new forms of advertising technology. Although traditional paper and print haven’t become obsolete, they’re quickly falling out of favor for their costs and lower success rate compared to newer methods like SEO. If you’re new to digital marketing or are in need of a refresher course, take a look below to learn about the benefits of SEO and how you can easily incorporate an SEO branding strategy into your brand.

Popularity Of Search Engines

Let’s begin with the effectiveness and reliability of SEO. Short for ‘search engine optimization’, this method uses a smart combination of keywords and popular search engines to find customers and encourage a more successful browsing experience for both parties. Surveys have seen a stunning 90% of all online experiences begin with a seach engine, with Google alone owning 70% of the search engine market share. Incorporating your brand with this modern technology now will see a significant return on your investment later.

Organic Marketing Approaches

Did you know that three-quarters of search engine users won’t even scroll past the first page of their search results? This doesn’t bode well for the millions of businesses trying to make a living and SEO can create the necessary buffer to ensure your site isn’t lost in the shuffle. One of the best things about an SEO branding strategy is using local SEO, which encourages your online store or physical shop to show up to customers within the area. With search and e-mail still the most popular Internet activities, taking advantage of local search engine optimization is the smartest way to use your money.

Encouraging Content Creation

Content creation is essential for your business to stay in the forefront of your customer bases’ mind. SEO has been rated as the most effective lead generation tactic of this generation, with nearly 35% of marketers calling it ‘very effective’ compared to more conventional methods. Three-quarters of marketers who use strategic SEO campaigns devote a significant amount of time and resources to content creation.

Mobile And Local Solutions

We’ve touched on SEO being either global or local depending on the format you use. There are an estimated 645 million page views of local pages in the average week in the United States, with the majority of social media users in North America connected to at least one, if not multiple, local businesses. The most common way of accessing local businesses is through mobile devices, no doubt for speed and convenience, and local SEO can better help nearby customers locate your business and drop by.

Creating An Seo Branding Strategy

Taking advantage of the plethora of features SEO has to offer is as easy as cementing your goals for your brand and finding the resources to see them come to fruition. If you’re looking to generate more foot traffic to your physical shop, local SEO can cover the necessary bases. If you want to encourage a more positive web presence, online SEO can encourage customers to find your brand without being pestered by expensive and noisy digital marketing ads. Optimizing your site to be mobile-friendly will also see a boost in your revenue, as more and more people use their phones and tablets to purchase goods and services. Make a note to incorporate SEO into your brand sooner rather than later, as a better future for your business is only a few simple steps away.