Responsive web design

Throughout the course of human history there have been moments of inspiration which ultimately redefined the very way we live our lives; this includes everything from indoor plumbing to the automobile. The ease at which we can access the internet has allowed us to tap into such a wide source of information at unprecedented levels — it would nearly be an understatement to say that our lives have been changed by the internet. Businesses too have utilized the net into their sales strategies to great effect; every 30 seconds it is estimated that e-commerce generates another $1.2 million. Two out of five global internet users have bought products or goods through the net making it the single largest marketplace on planet Earth.

Optimizing Your Webpage

It takes more than a simple webpage for a business to find internet success — in reality a poorly optimized webpage will do more to hurt your business in the long run. Around 40% of internet users will completely abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. Recently mobile devices surpassed desktops when it came to online browsing; this means that websites that are inaccessible from mobile devices are potentially missing out on the majority of internet users. Of those companies that specifically designed a website with mobile accessibility in mind, 62% saw a direct increase in their sales figures. In addition to having an optimized website, hiring experienced graphic designers can help with modern web design– try using cooler colors, bullet points, and neatly organized navigation tools to have the most appealing, user-friendly webpage you can.

Utilizing Social Media

Social media sites are some of the most frequently visited sites on the net, so to ignore these networking sites is to ignore potential lead generation. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are three of the largest sites online with millions of people regularly logging in every day — in many cases multiple times per day. By establishing a social networking page, your business has the unique opportunity to directly reach out to engaged consumers by offering coupons, showcasing new products, or announcing special events. Many marketing agents believe that social media outreach is one of the best lead generation techniques available to digital businesses; when combined with SEO strategies many businesses are able to thrive online.

Search Engine Optimization

The search engine is such an essential tool as it allows us to quickly navigate the trillions of webpages on the net using keywords. Businesses that are able to manipulate these keywords can ensure that their pages are ranked higher on the search engine results — this is particularly important as the fist result typically will receive over 50% of clicks while the subsequent results see less clicks the further down they are. Experts suggest that search engines influence up to 88% of business purchase decisions; by partnering with a digital marketing firm your company can master the search engine and use it to generate high-quality leads. Many digital marketing firms will utilize creative, engaging content to subtly influence consumer spending habits; since most internet users instinctively avoid pay per click advertisements, digital marketing firms agree that SEO is the best way to generate new leads. With an optimized website, connections on social media sites, and a digital marketing firm at your back, any business can find success on the world wide web.