Answer service

All too often businesses say that customer satisfaction is the key to success. By fostering a healthy relationship with its customers, a company will continue to grow.

But in many cases, this is all talk and no action. If you’ve ever called a customer service line, you know the drill.

The wait times are usually long, and can seem even longer if you have something urgent to take care of. Oftentimes, there’s no one available to answer at all.

Many companies won’t invest in live phone answering services because of expense, or simply because they don’t think they make a difference. But contrary to many beliefs, virtual receptionist services are extremely beneficial to both the customers and the company.

  • After Hours Answering

    Having an after hours or 24/7 answering service allows you to take care of customer problems as they come. Instead of having your customers leave a voice message, which can feel impersonal as well as ineffective, a live phone answering services is able to relay more important information to the company while taking personal messages for things that can be handled the next day. Overall, even if your company is unavailable, having alive representative on the line makes the customer feel like you care more about their questions or issues.

    Calls Are Handled Consistently

    When an employee in your office answers a phone call, they may answer it differently than the previous person than the caller talked to. They might not know the right person that the caller needs to be routed to, leading to a long wait period for the caller. Instead of playing a process of elimination game, trust the live call handling service to forward a customer call to the correct representative in a timely manner,

    A Stronger Business Focus

    When employees take time out of their workday to answer business calls, they are distracted from their own jobs. Unless they are the intended call recipient, they should not have to answer calls on their own time. Having a live call handling service allows your employees to stay on track distraction-free.

    Works for All Businesses

    No matter what industry you’re in — IT, healthcare, electrical, or otherwise — you need to take calls. A live phone answering service is able to make appointments and reservations, distribute basic information if they’ve been briefed, as well as forward calls quickly and effectively.

    If your customer service phone handling improves, customers will take notice. If you’ve received complaints about answering phones inconsistently before, now’s the time to change your practices.