Importance of database security

Today’s connected world offers many more opportunities to us than ever before. We can connect with people, organizations, and personal data with the click of a button and the touch of a screen. In many obvious ways, this is pushing us further along the road of progress and development. But with every new technology or system, there are bugs that must be worked out. And with so many people and so much vital information stored in networks and clouds across the country and the world, there is also a higher need for vigilance and protection than ever before. Identity access management is one way to help ensure the security of important sensitive information.

Integrating identity access management with existing security procedures

Today’s technology is efficient and effective for the jobs at hand. Society is evolving to the point that more and more, it is beginning to resemble cities and civilizations from science fiction books and films, and we will continue to move in that direction. But with everything so connected, people need to better learn and understand how to work with this evolving technology.

Of the many IT security professionals who work within businesses and companies, only about 20% of them say that they feel confident in the steps that their organizations have taken to educate their employees about ways to avoid phishing scams and attacks. It is not enough to have a few skilled IT professionals on hand. Each person who interacts with the software or network program should be thoroughly trained on how to operate it, in order to fend off anyone looking to hack into the system or otherwise compromise it in some way. Basic instruction, along with personalizing integrated identity information as a security measure, could bring cyber security much closer to the level that it should currently be at.

Finding the right identity and access management strategy

Identity access management combines the need to connect throughout the business and network with the need for heightened security. Cloud data protection is more important than ever, as it makes the most sense for many businesses to employ the use of the cloud for seamless communication and data transfer purposes.

The demand for cloud equipment and services has been steadily increasing, and current projections put the global market at nearly $80 billion by 2018. Over half of employees from various companies who participated in a poll said that their business was currently using the cloud to send, receive, or store confidential or otherwise sensitive information.

This ease of access helps to streamline businesses, and allows companies and entire economies to flourish in ways that were not attainable in the past. But it is important to have that balance of ease and security. Making it easier to access can make it easier to hack, which is why database threats and solutions need to constantly be examined and analyzed.

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