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IT consulting professionals are an excellent resource for small business owners who do not want to employ a full-time staff. They are able to proive a variety of services, including physical protection of technology devices, network security, and general technical support.

Protection of Physical Components

IT consulting companies are capable of providing physical protection for servers and information. In part this means physically setting up servers and systems properly so they have protection from power surges and lightening strikes. Additionally, ensuring all pieces of the network are properly ventilated and cooled so as to not become overheated.

Nearly 50 percent of businesses experience data losses that require information to be restored from backup locations. This is why it is even more important for systems to be backed up and information stored offsite or in a cloud environment.

Network Security Protection from Viruses and Hackers

Protecting your network from cyber threats should be a key component of your overall security plan. With the interconnectivity of modern business, criminals have greater access than ever to your most sensitive documents.

Did you know that about 20 percent of small businesses are hacked each year? Many of these instances could be prevented with proper software updates and virus protection. Yet, many business owners have no idea how to ensure their software is up to date and leave themselves vulnerable to attack.

IT Outsourcing for General Support

Another area IT consulting firms can have a major impact is in providing general technical support for workers. Many small businesses choose to rely on an exceptionally tech savvy employee for the majority of their networking and computer needs. This can work fine initially, but typically leads to problems in the long run.

When businesses outsource their network support needs they end up saving both time and money. The time it takes to correct problems and restore systems that have been compromised can cost small businesses a substantial portion of their income. By ensuring licenses are up to date, systems are backed up, and users are properly trained on software a company can make their business much more efficient and profitable.

IT support services offer valuable protection for small business owners. They enable small companies to compete on a level technological playing field with larger competitors without sacrificing a large portion of their budget.