Month: August 2017

Three Reasons You Should Check Out Squarespace For Your Website Needs

According to a recent survey, 57.7% of small and medium-sized businesses have some kind of plan to upgrade or improve their website in the next year. These small and medium-sized businesses know just how important a quality website can be. In this modern day and age of technology, there has developed an immediate desire on…

The Role of the Optical Scanner in Everyday Life

If you’ve voted in the U.S., then there is a good chance you’ve seen a voting scanner before. These small machines may seem innocuous, but they actually play a very important role in the American political system. In fact, scanners of many types play an important role in modern life. Here are a few of…

How Setting Up the Cloud Can Help Your Company Grow and Succeed

Do you work for a company that needs more space for all your data? As your company expands, you get more employees, and there is more data to collect and save, you don?t want to risk losing it all. If you aren?t properly storing it, you could jeopardize your company?s success by losing your data….

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